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About OPR

OSOFTPAY promotes cashless and cardless way of making payment using our OPR (OSOFTPAY REFERENCE). With our OPR, you can streamline your monthly budget into one OPR. For instance, in a month, you pay for your TV subscription, buy electricity token, subscribe for data and buy airtime. Let’s say all these costs you N30,000.00, you can generate one OPR and use it at various intervals to make payment for these bills. Think about this, by cashless we mean you don’t need cash to pay for these bills and by cardless we mean that instead of using your credit/debit cards on multiple platforms/terminals each time you need to pay any of your bills, use it once on OSOFTPAY to get your OPR and you will not need your credit/debit card to make payment afterwards.
Is OSOFTPAY’s OPR limited to paying your bills online?
NO, our OPR can be used in buying fuel at designated fuel stations, for shopping at various retail outlets and can be used online. We have our OPR POS Machines at these outlets to facilitate your payments.

You can pay for your electricity, tv subscription, airtime and data now using this OPR on our bills portal. Click here to check it out

By subscribing to use OPR, you get discount on every purchase you make at any merchant location and online. And guess what, you get preferential treatments.

Before clicking this button, please be sure to provide your valid email address on the next page that appears because your new OPR will be delivered in your mail.

Benefits of OSOFTPAY's OPR

For Merchants/Businesses

We give you an OPR Terminal to receive payments from your customers using OPR.

Payments made to you by your customers using OPR hits your bank account instantly. Unlike the traditional POS machine that does T+1.

If you offer various services and require your monies to be landing in different bank accounts for the different services, then use OSOFTPAY because with one OPR machine, you can receive payments into various service accounts. The traditional POS do not offer this.

Reduce the insecurities with cash handling. Why do you want to worry about how to make daily deposits at your bank when OSOFTPAY's OPR settles you instantly per transaction into your bank account.

For Individuals and Other Businesses/Organizations

You can streamline your monthly budget into one OPR. This is great for budgeting.

Avoid using your credit/debit cards on multiple platforms/terminals to make payment. Think about the insecurities of doing so.
As a Business/an organization, will it be safe to have credit/debit cards for your business accounts? Just migrate to OSOFTPAY for your safety.

Get discounts for using OSOFTPAY's OPR to make payments.