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Collection Management

With the help of trained agents, cash collection is well managed using OSOFTPAY. The configuration is such that all our agents are accountable. OSOFTPAY agent management makes it possible for our agents to pay for services upfront thereby handling the burden of collecting cash to them. What this means is that, if an agent under Merchant A wants to collect for the said merchant, such agent tops up his/her ewallet with his money and then pay for such services for the Merchants client using his ewallet and then collect cash from the merchants client. This way, the Merchant minimizes risk for services rendered while the agent recovers his money from collection.

NOTE: Agents can Negotiate with merchant on how much to surcharge Merchant's clients. It is through such commission that the agent recovers his money and possibly make profit.

Expenditure Management

Make live payments to third party accounts from any of your connected bank account on OSOFTPAY. With the expenditure management module on OSOFTPAY, payment is instant to any third party account. Expenditures such as Salary Payment, Pension Payment, Contractor Payment, Fund Transfer, etc. are consumed on the OSOFTPAY GATE API Interface. That is, Merchants who wants to consume this service must consume it through their custom platforms. However, reports are available on the OSOFTPAY Platform for every gate transaction for consumption by the merchant. Contact support@osoftpay.net if you have a developer and require documentation in integrating this platform to your custom application or if you need help with building a customized application to handle your Expenditure Management.

Extended OPR

This is the use of tokenized (token called osoftpay reference (OPR)) to make payment for services at the various accepting merchant points such as supermarkets, fuel station, online payment (For more security on purchases online to avoid exposure of your credit/debit cards). This service makes it possible for clients (Corporate and Individual) to create a profile on OSOFTPAY and make payments based on their various budgets for goods and services being consumed. The beautiful thing about OPR is that a client can generate an OPR for NGN10,000, use it to purchase fuel for NGN3,000, buy recharge card online for NGN500 and use the rest at the supermarket for shopping. One OPR can do that for you! for more information, Contact support@osoftpay.net

Payroll Management

OSOFTPAY has an inbuilt staff payroll management module to help merchants enroll and make realtime salary payment to their staff. The payroll is mini but considers Loan Management and other deductions such as Income Tax, Pencom, Welfare as desired by merchant (Optional), etc. This module is deployed for free for all merchants. However, transfer charges of NGN 100/ transaction applies. This module can be consumed via API on third party application. That is, if you want to integrate your customized solution to this particular module on OSOFTPAY, it is possible.

Instant Fund Transfer

OSOFTPAY has an Instant Fund Transfer module to enable merchant make instant payments to third party accounts. This report can be generated as Expenditure Report as merchant desires.

API Integrateion

OSOFTPAY is well structured to allow integration to any customized client application. It is fast, secure, simple and reliable. What more do you want? OSOFTPAY API supports website integration, mobile app integration, Card Payment, Bank Deposit, and more.

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