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Collection Management

OSOFTPAY is built to manage all forms of revenue collection for formal and informal sector of the private and public economy. Our Collection package is dynamic and it is based on our clients specific needs. That is why no two collection design is the same on OSOFTPAY. We factor all forms of integrations between existing (if any) and what so ever we are building to manage your collections.

Expenditure Management

Our Merchant Account features an expediture management module that helps facilitate things like direct payment from your wallet account to any third party bank account. For instance, Paying your Vendors, daily recurring expenditures, impress allocation and more.

Retail Services

OSOFTPAY RETAIL is a payment ecosystem that houses the merchant (Retailer), the Payer and the Government (Tax Administrators) on one platform for ease of payment and settlement. As a retailer, enjoy instant settlement and instant VAT remmittance. Payment is now made easy for payers just by initiating a button through OSOFTPAY wallet.

Payroll Management

OSOFTPAY has an inbuilt staff payroll management module to help merchants enroll and make realtime salary payment to their staff. The payroll is mini but considers Loan Management and other deductions such as Income Tax, Pencom, Welfare as desired by merchant (Optional), etc.

Agency Banking

OSOFTPAY has become a source of income for many willing to participate in Agency Banking operations. You can now receive your POS terminal and make use of our app on playstore or applestore to gain access to your wallet and do more.

API Integrateion

OSOFTPAY is well structured to allow integration to all our services. All services on osoftpay allows for customization and therefore has API interfaces to access the services. It is fast, secure and reliable

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