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OSOFTPAY is a cash collection management portal built by Osoft Integrated Resources Limited to serve as a unique payment gateway for small, medium and large enterprises in the private and public sector.

OSOFTPAY is cash collection centric. It provides a platform where an enterprise can manage the collection of cash for various services or revenue from the point of generation to designated bank accounts.

OSOFTPAY provides a platform where such enterprise can manage multiple accounts balances, make live expenditure/payment to other bank accounts while maintaining a real-time account balance and reporting (inflow and outflow) daily.

OSOFTPAY provides a platform where an enterprise can nominate third-party collection agents to facilitate collection from their clients while monitoring their activities on the go.

OSOFTPAY helps any enterprise to reach out to their clients by providing a web interface where payment can be received from them for services.

OSOFTPAY has an infrastructure for customization as it provides clients the opportunity to consume services via API calls. Its fast, secure, simple and reliable to use OSOFTPAY.

OSOFTPAY unlike any other similar platform gives clients the opportunity to receive payment for services on numerous bank accounts and other osoftpay platforms(OPR enabled devices. click Features for more). That is, if an enterprise wants to receive payments for five services in five different nominated bank accounts, OSOFTPAY is the way.

OSOFTPAY is highly flexible and dynamic in the sense that it provides a customized page for every client to list out their payment items to facilitate collection for services from their clients.

By subscribing to OSOFTPAY you enjoy the prowess of Osoft Integrated Resources Limited to build an independent and highly customized and flexible portal irrespective of your agency operations and integrate such portal for you free of charge.

OSOFTPAY by Osoft Integrated Resources Limited, setting standard in enterprise development. Click here to Register