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The OSOFTPAY Agent programme is a scheme designed to help provide employment opportunities for Nigerians who wish to become self reliant. We have Merchants who rely on OSOFTPAY to provide them with trust worthy agents that can go to the field and handle their Revenue Collection concerns. The agents are then allowed to make upfront payment into their ewallet(OSOFTPAY created ewallet) which is then used to make real time payment for merchants services while the Agent collects cash on the field. The cash collected is now the responsibility of the agent as the Merchant was paid from Agents ewallet account hosted with OSOFTPAY. A surcharge as agreed by both Merchant and Agent can be imposed on Merchants client or Merchant might decide to pay Agent from collection in which the real service charge is reduced on Agents payment platform to accomodate Agent charges for cash collection.

OSOFTPAY will publish a list of needing merchants and description of their requirements from time to time on this page. However, only accredited agents will be recognized by OSOFTPAY. To become an acredited Agent under OSOFTPAY, send a mail to support@osoftpay.net to initiate the registration process. Once you are recognized by OSOFTPAY, you stand a chance of getting up to date first-hand Job information and recognition by Merchants.